Differences between loan and credit

Used very often by most people The terms loan and credit are used very often by most people as synonyms. However, in the financial field they correspond to different services. The acquisition of a flat, a car or certain goods with a high price requires, as a general rule, to borrow a quantity of money

Loan for self-employed and freelancers.

When looking for a loan for the self-employed and freelancers, it is not advisable to rely on an offer from the house bank. As the creditworthiness of applicants is the only thing that counts at banks and credit institutions, an application by self-employed and freelancers always leads to rejection. Due to the fact that a

Official loan without Credit bureau information

The official loan without Credit bureau information has a fair chance of being approved. Even with the loan without Credit bureau, an official bonus for the loan remains. Nevertheless, restrictions must be expected. The article provides more information on the topic. Official credit without Credit bureau information – how does it come about? For people

Loan insurance: new proposals to change it more easily

Already at work to open the loan insurance change to all borrowers in 2018, Senator Marcio Wallace returns with new proposals to consolidate this right.   Banks will have to inform about the possibility of delegating their loan insurance The upper house parliamentarians voted in favor of the proposal made by Senator Marcio Wallace about

Home Loan Insurance: What Budget Should You Plan For?

The cost of home loan insurance is an essential element, which must be factored into the total loan amount. Whether the contract is taken out with a bank, or whether the borrower chooses another establishment, the price of the insurance must make it possible to adjust its budget accordingly. Several factors come into play… Focus

Bank offers loan with 400 USD income.

A loan with 400 USD income can of course be found. Nevertheless, the credit options and loan amounts for low earners are severely limited. The article highlights the credit options available to low-wage earners. Loan with 400 USD income – loan despite low wages A loan with 400 USD income is unfortunately not available without